Corrigan Care’s History
The inspiration for Corrigan Care is Emily “Emmy” Corrigan who was born in April 2007 with Down syndrome. Emmy became sick in 2009 with Parvovirus (Fifth Disease) but after a courageous fight, Emmy ultimately lost her battle and passed away on December 11, 2009, at the age of two. After Emmy’s passing, her mother Mrs. Amy Corrigan found there is a tremendous need in the Atlanta community for affordable, early intervention childcare for children with special needs. Early intervention childcare is extremely challenging to find in the Atlanta metro and if a family can find this level of care for their child, the costs can be astronomical as in thousands of dollars per week. In an attempt to honor Emmy’s life, Corrigan Care was incorporated in May 2010 to fill that void. Corrigan Care believes that every child with special needs is unique even if they have the same diagnosis. We aim to provide a warm, friendly environment free from generalizations and preconceived perceptions based on condition or appearance.